6th  Workshop on "Current trends in Molecular and Nanoscale Magnetism"

Pylos, Greece 9-13 October 2016

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Getting to Pylos:

One can reach Pylos through Kalamata and Athens airports.

Kalamata International Airport: http://www.kalamata-airport.airportfield.com/

Kalamata International Airport (KLX) provides frequent links to both Greek and international destinations


List of airline companies providing direct flights to Kalamata:


Aegean Airlines (Dusseldorf, Munich, Stockholm,   Copenhagen, Hamburg, Helsinki, Paris)


EasyJet (London Gatwick to Kalamata)




More companies are  listed in: http://www.costanavarino.com/access/by-air



Aegean airlines also provides flights from Athens to Kalamata.


Pylos is accessed from Kalamata or Athens by Public transportation or other means.


Public transportation:


Pylos is possible to be reached directly from Athens or through kalamata.


There is a bus station, KTEL-MESSINIAS in the central Kifisos KTEL Bus station.


-Athens Airport to the central Kifisos KTEL Bus station:


In order to get to central Kifisos KTEL Bus station, take the Bus X93 express bus service from the airport. Buses leave every 30-40 minutes and the duration of the drive is approximately 60 minutes. For information on the departure times from Athens airport please visit:




Ticket price: 5€


- Athens to Pylos bus service:


Two buses travels from Athens to Pylos daily and one from Pylos  to Athens.

The duration of the trip is approximately 4h.15 min


Ticket price: 30€.


For information on the departure times from Kifisos KTEL and Pylos Bus stations  please visit:




- Athens to Kalamata bus service:

Kalamata is linked to Athens (and other major Greek cities as well) with an excellent and frequent service of buses within 2h.45 min (EXPRESS) or 3h.15 min (NORMAL).


For information on the departure times from Kifisos KTEL and Kalamata Bus stations  please visit:





Ticket price: 25€.

- Kalamata to Pylos bus service:


Six buses links Pylos and Kalamata daily.


For information on the departure times please visit:


http://www.ktelmessinias.gr/?module=default&pages_id=48&lang=el (sorry is only in Greek for the moment).


Ticket price: 5€.


- Athens to Kalamata by car:
The city is easily accessible by the Athens-Tripoli-Kalamata modern highway (215km, 2h 30 min hours driving) and then by following the local roads (40 km, 45 min). 



- Athens Airport to Pylos and Kalamata Airport to Pylos using mini-bus, mini-Van, taxi and big bus services:

Local companies provide transportation services with mini-busses and good prices  directly from the Athens airport to the town of  Pylos  or from Kalamata Airport to Pylos. The total duration of the trip from Athens is approximatelly 3 hours and from Kalamata 45 minutes.


Following is a list of prices with all the available ways of transportation from different points to Pylos  provided from a company which is located at Pylos with experience in organizing such events :

 -Athens (from Eleftherios Venizelos airport)-to Pylos by Bus : 750,00 € (50 persons)

 -Athens (from Eleftherios Venizelos airport)-to Pylos by Mini Bus : 580,00 € (19 persons, 15 normal luggages)

 -Athens (from Eleftherios Venizelos airport)-to Pylos by Mini Van : 410,00 € (8 persons)

 -Athens (from Eleftherios Venizelos airport)-to Pylos by taxi : 300,00 € (3-4 persons, 3 normal luggages)

 -Kalamata (from the airport) to Pylos by Mini Bus : 230,00 € (19 persons, 15 normal luggages)

 -Kalamata (from the airport) to Pylos by Mini Van : 135,00 € (8 persons) luggages)

 -Kalamata (from the airport) to Pylos by taxi : 80,00 € (3-4 persons, 3 normal luggages)

At the end of August the organizing committee will ask from all the confirmed/registered colleagues to provide their scheduled arriving date/time and subsequently they will be arranged  in groups and  they will be asked to choose among the  possible ways of transportation in conformity with the above given possibilities.



!!!!!!!!!!!This page will be updated regularly with the necessary information in order to make your trip as easy and comfort as possible!!!!!!!!!!