Sixth North America-Greece-Cyprus Workshop on Paramagnetic Materials 

NAGC 2015

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The NAGC Workshops are held every two years, alternating between Cyprus and Greece. They were originally established to provide a regular forum for the faculty and students of universities in Greece and Cyprus to meet and interact with their North American counterparts, as well as a select few people from other European countries and elsewhere; however, they have since grown to become one of the most popular series of workshops involving North Americans and (European) Mediterranean countries. Following the outstanding success of the previous NAGC Workshops, we shall once again be organizing a broad program that will bring together a wide range of researchers working in diverse fields and applications. The program will span chemistry, physics, and materials science, and will encompass any kind of study on any kind of system involving unpaired electrons (but the latter does not have to be a focus of the talk): molecular or non-molecular materials; organic, inorganic, biochemical or biological; ground state or excited state; solid, liquid, gas, or plasma. In fact, some talks involve no unpaired electrons at all, and that is okay too. Note that this is not a magnetism workshop (although some talks may be on magnetic materials) – instead, it is the objective of the workshop to bring together people from very different areas who would not normally attend the same meeting, to listen to and learn from each other. As a result, and for maximum benefit to everyone, it is expected that senior speakers will present talks that have a strongly tutorial component to them - perhaps 20% or so of the allocated time, with the rest on research results. Junior speakers (postdocs and students) will just present research results.