Funded Projects

Title: Low-Cost Carbon Nanotubes Photodetectors
Acronym: $CNTPD
Leader: Dimitris Velessiotis
Start Date: 21/9/2018
End Date: 20/9/2021
Category: 1st Call for H.F.R.I. Research Projects to support Post-Doctoral Researchers


The ongoing “Internet of Things (IoT)” era brought up a wonderful new world, where vast quantities of data are produced and distributed through the extreme interconnectivity between diverse types of devices (sensors, communication and processing devices). Therefore, the need for all kinds of affordable and high-performance sensors is of immense importance; non-visible spectra photodetectors not being an exception to this trend.

In this context, Low-Cost Carbon Nanotubes Photodetectors ($CNTPD) project aims towards fabrication of novel, low-cost photodetector prototype systems for a wide range of detection wavelengths, from ultraviolet to infrared, based on the well-established Integrated Circuits Processing and one category of innovative materials that are used in the framework of modern day Nanotechnology, namely the Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs).

$CNTPD project uses INN’s “Materials and Membranes for Environmental Separations Laboratory (MESL)” for the development of MWCNTs and INN’s Si fabrication laboratory (“clean room”) for the fabrication of the electronic part of the proposed photodetector. At present, its team consists of the post-doctoral project’s coordinator, a PhD student and four (4) permanent staff members of NCSRD (3 from INNDr. N. Glezos, Dr. G. Pilatos and Dr. P. Dimitrakis, and 1 from INPPDr. Ar. Kyriakis).