Dr. Dimoulas is appointed 2015 “Chair of Excellence” in Grenoble

Dr. Dimoulas of INN/NCSRD has been appointed 2015 “Chair of Excellence” corresponding to a professorship position at the Universite Joseph Fourier in Grenoble, France. Dr. Dimoulas will receive a generous grant covering the salaries, including one PhD and two MSc students, as well as lab running costs and equipment to develop 2D metal dichalcogenide materials (http://grenoble-lanef.fr/spip.php?article158#nb1)

The program, starting in 2016, will run for three years and will focus on the MBE growth of the 2D materials, the structural characterization with atomic resolution at the ESRF synchrotron facilities and the electrical evaluation of 2D semiconductor devices.  The Grenoble laboratory alliances LANEF (http://www.grenoble-lanef.fr/ ) and in particular the Institut Nanosciences & Cryogénie (INAC) and the Institut Néel   support the project making their facilities available for materials growth and characterization with the aim to have a mid-term impact on the 2D Factory initiative of CEA-LETI.

We expect that the Chair of Excellence program will establish sustainable collaboration between LANEF laboratories and our Epitaxy and Surface Science Laboratory at INN/NCSRD and will strenthen existing collaborations with scientific/technological Institutions and industry in the Grenoble area, with the aim to promote joint initiatives in the nanoelectronics domain.