In todays nanotechnology era theoretical simulation of material properties aims in complex material design chalenges. Electronic structure calculations of solids can today predict reliably many properties of mater and is actively used in the design of new materials. Simulations are also a valuable tool in nanophotonic systems design, since many new phenomena and applications like the photonic crystals were first predicted by theory and then realized experimentally. New exciting phenomena and concepts like metamaterials, optical magnetism, plasmonic metamolecules and much more are studied over the last years.



Research Topics

Multiple scattering methods for electrons, photons, and phonons


Elastic wave propagation in the micro and nano scale

PhoXonic crystals

Thermal transport with classical molecular dynamics

Ab initio electronic structure of solids

  • Ballistic transport in nanostructures
  • Surface properties, STM simulations
  • Transport properties of metallic dilute alloys
  • Lattice relaxation around defects
  • Magnetic properties of defects

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