The project aims toward (a) the understanding and synthetic simulation of the function of active centers in biological systems, which catalyze important processes (conversion of light energy to electric charge separation, water oxidation, electron/proton transfer etc), and (b) the study of the electronic and magnetic properties of synthetic oligo- and poly-nuclear complexes of transition metals.



cw - EPR spectrometers

Upgraded cw Χ-band (9.5 GHz) EPR spectrometer (Bruker ER-200D). Temperature range: 2.0 – 300K.
Q-band (34 GHz) EPR spectrometer (comprised of several off-the-shelf units from a range of different manufacturers). Temperature range: 5.0 – 300K.


Mössbauer spectrometers.


Research Collaborator

Dr. Petrouleas Vasileios