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A.G. Kontos was born in 1967 and studied Physics in the University of Athens (1985-1989). From 1990 up to 1994, he carried out his PhD research work in the Physics Dept. at the University of Warwick (Coventry UK) on the NMR study of high-Tc superconductors. In 1996-2007, he joined the Raman spectroscopy group in the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the National Technical University of Athens involved in the research of bulk and layered semiconductors, heterojunctions and microelectronic devices. His teaching activity involved courses on Electromagnetics, Optics and Experimental Physics at NTUA and the Mechanical Engineering Dept. University of Thessaly as well as the setting up of laboratory experiments in Solid State Physics, Optics and Atomic-Molecular Physics. Since 2007 he is working in the Demokritos center where he was promoted to Senior Researcher in 2010. He is currently in the Nanotechnology processes for solar energy conversion and environmental protection Laboratory of INN. His main fields of research are the perovskite and dye sensitized solar cells, photocatalysis and superhydrophilicity of TiO2 materials as well as CO2 capture and conversion. His interests include synthesis of TiO2 in several forms (nanoparticles, nanotubes), its sensitization (dyes and quantum dots) and modification (anion doping, functionalization with metals and carbonaceous materials) as well as structural (Raman spectroscopy), optical (UV-visible diffuse reflectance) and morphological (SEM, AFM) characterization of semiconducting nanomaterials, thin films, zeolitic imidazolate frameworks and solar cell devices, with emphasis on optimization of their efficiency and stability.