Industrial research for the development of robust, lightweight and low drag hull coatings of high antifouling performance, having multiple applications




Polycarpos Falaras







The DRAstiC (Drag Reduction Antifouling Coatings) project aims to the acquisition of advanced knowledge and skills for the efficient development of innovative low drag coating for the hulls of ships, vessels and speed crafts in an industrial environment. The goal is to produce light-weight and biocide-free hull paints coatings with enhanced strength, cruising and antifouling attributes. The project’s objectives include, prototype manufacture, the development of a trial production line, dissemination of results, the international protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) and the conduction of a thorough feasibility study, in order to assess the viability of technology at a techno-economic level.

The project will provide a high degree of excellence. The methodology and technology applied for the coating’s development will be unique, thus rendering DRAstiC state of the art. The hull paints will possess pioneering properties (high specific strength, low drag) and enhanced antifouling capacity, both in static and dynamic conditions, due to the innovative conception of a composite nanostructure, which will drastically

suppress the effects of increased hull roughness. The benefits of the project’s successful completion will be:

• Dissemination of technology and possible integration by different industry sectors.

• Energy savings with a reduced environmental footprint.

• Elaboration of the economic and technical criteria for the viability of the method.

• Strengthening of the company's turnover and competitiveness. New knowledge acquisition for the production of relevant coatings

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