H2020 project funding success: NOVAMAG

The group of Dr. D. Niarchos, in charge of  the INN program Permanent Magnets, Advanced Materials for Magnetic Recording and Thermoelectric Materials, is the “Greek partner” in the project  of H2020-NMP23-2015 NOVAMAG: Novel Materials by Design for substituting Critical Raw Materials, coordinated by the Fundation BCMaterials: Basque Centre for Materials, Applications and Nanostructures (Spain). The program involves 15 partners from EU Universities from  countries such as Sweden (1), Austria (1), Spain (2), Germany (3) Greece (1), France (2) Israel (1) Italy (2) and  outside EU from Japan (1) America (1). The proposal is the largest European effort to discover new magnetic phase based alloys with fewer rare earths (critical raw materials), with enormous applications in electric cars, wind turbines with the participation of major companies such Vacuumsmeltze, FIAT. The duration is three years, the total budget of 5,562,372 €, and the  budget for  INN is 504,625 €.


Staring date is 1st of April 2016.