PlasmaForNano, Inorganic nanostructuring to the atomic limit via plasma nanotechnology

Leader: Evangelos GogolidesStart Date:16/04/2021End Date:16/04/2024
11/09/2021/by Μπούκουρας Κώστας

NOVISH, Application of High Pressure and Cold Atmospheric Plasma Technologies for the Production of High Quality and Extended Shelf-Life Fish Fillets

Leader: Evangelos GogolidesStart Date: 12/04/2019End Date: 11/04/2022
11/10/2020/by Μπούκουρας Κώστας

HARMoNIC, HierARchical Multiscale NanoInterfaces for enhanced Condensation processes

Leader: Evangelos GogolidesStart Date: 01/10/2018End Date: 30/09/2021
11/10/2020/by Μπούκουρας Κώστας

Nano4CSP, Nanomaterials for reduced maintenance costs in CSP plants

Leader:  Konstantinos P. GiannakopoulosStart Date: 01/12/2019End Date: 30/11/2022
16/09/2020/by Μπούκουρας Κώστας

GG-CO2 – CO2 separations by using mixed matrix, based on nano-carbon materials, membranes

Leader: Evangelos FavvasStart Date: 29/05/2018End Date: 28/05/2021
26/07/2020/by Μπούκουρας Κώστας

CO2Hing – Carbon Membranes for CO2 Removal from High Pressure Natural Gas in Subsea Process

Leader: Evangelos FavvasStart Date: 01/03/2017End Date: 31/08/2020
26/07/2020/by Μπούκουρας Κώστας

ENDURUNS – Development and demonstration of a long-endurance sea surveying autonomous unmanned vehicle with gliding capability powered by hydrogen fuel cell

Leader:  Theodore SteriotisStart Date: 01/11/2018End Date: 31/10/2022
26/07/2020/by Μπούκουρας Κώστας

GRAPHEIN – Development of water based conductive inks based on graphene for gravure and flexography printing

Leader: Theodoros SteriotisStart Date: 09/07/2018End Date: 08/07/2021
26/07/2020/by Μπούκουρας Κώστας

PureGas – Application of novel porous materials in industrial gas separation/purification processes

Leader: Theodoros SteriotisStart Date: 31/07/2018End Date: 30/07/2021
26/07/2020/by Μπούκουρας Κώστας

PUREHY – Development of a biogas reformer using stand-alone membrane systems for the production and recovery of high purity hydrogen

Leader: Theodoros SteriotisStart Date: 28/06/2018End Date: 27/06/2021
26/07/2020/by Μπούκουρας Κώστας
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