Lab Name: National Center for Research Demokritos (NCSRD), Institute of Nano science and Nanotechnology (INN), Membranes and Materials for Environmental Separations Laboratory (MESL)

Description of Organisation: The Membranes and Materials for Environmental Separations Laboratory (MESL) at the National Centre for Scientific Research Demokritos is a specialized center for the preparation, characterization and applications of porous materials, membranes and nanocomposites. The MESL group has 30 researchers and Ph.D. students and has been at the forefront of developing innovative combinations of in-situ experimental techniques aiming at the monitoring and controlling the evolution of nanostructure during their synthesis and their applications. The activities include the preparation of novel membranes and nanoporous materials such as

  • carbon nanostructures (carbon nanotubes arrays , graphene etc.) for gas and liquid phase separations, hydrogen storage, desalination, waste water treatment and other applications (super capacitors, sensors, photocatalytic conversion etc.
  • hollow fiber membranes, ionic liquids and zeolitic membranes, CVD modified ceramic membranes for CO2 capture
  • polymer nanocomposites etc

List of recent Publications:

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Older Publications

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