Funded Projects

Title: MIcro-Capacitors for Energy Storage
Acronym: MICES
Leader: Emmanouel Hourdakis
End Date: 20-02-22
Category: ELIDEK

Within this project, microcapacitors for energy storage will be designed, fabricated and characterized. These capacitors bridge the gap between energy harvesters and ultra-low power sensors for the creation of autonomous sensor systems. This field of research is relatively new and few reports exist in the literature that deal with the fabrication and characterization of such capacitors.
In order to achieve this, the set of requirements that should be satisfied by the capacitors will be defined, depending on the energy harvester whose energy should be stored. Also, an evaluation protocol will be created and tested for these capacitors. These actions will provide the necessary tools for creating, evaluating and comparing different technologies, thus advancing the scientific field in question.
On-chip, 3D structured electrodes will be developed and the appropriate high-k dielectrics will be researched. With the above, state-of-the-art microcapacitors for energy storage will be developed and characterized. A novel methodology will be used, which consists of the optimization of all the necessary parameters, such as the leakage current, the breakdown voltage and the series resistance, before attempting to increase the capacitance density through 3D nanostructuring of the electrodes. This approach is in marked contrast to the current state-of-the-art, where the only goal is the capacitance increase