(a) To synthesize and study in detail the electronic, magnetic and magnetotransport properties of Rare Earth/Transition Metal oxides in bulk and thin films.

(b) To functionalize Thin Films and fabricate/test prototype spintronic devices.

(c) To fabricate Hybrids of TMO thin film nanostructures and nanodevices with Molecule/Organic-based-Magnets.

(d) To develop cutting edge basic research into the intrinsic properties of hard magnetic nanoparticles.

(e) To develop new technologies for nanoparticle production using novel fabrication techniques.

(f) To use novel processing techniques for the consolidation of nanoparticles into Permanent Magnet compacts, with a view to realising energy products in excess of 800 KJ/m3.

(g) To functionalize and characterize Fe3O4/Fe2O3 nanoparticle colloids in various matrices for biomedical applications.

(h) To test in vitro the efficacy of the produced nanocolloids for Magnetic Hyperthermia and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast (as Contrast Agents).