Laboratory of Structural & Supramolecular Chemistry

The Group


Konstantina Yannakopoulou

Researcher A, Organic chemistry, NMR

Tel: +30 2106503796


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Emmanuel Saridakis

Researcher C,  Macromolecular crystallization, X-ray crystallography

Tel: +30 2106503793


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   Collaborating Scientists

Irene Moustakali-Mavridis

Emeritus Researcher A, X-ray Crystallography, Chemistry

Tel: +30 2106503793


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     Eugene Hadjoudis

       Honorary Research Associate, Solid State Chemistry

         Tel: +30 2106503649



    Theodossis A. Theodossiou

     Research Associate

     Department of Radiation Biology Institute for Cancer

     The Radium Hospital in Oslo, Norway


     NCSRD 2006-2013

Grp 13J-P2-July-10

MC EU project CYCLON Manager assistant

             Maria Lambropoulou

              PhD 2009, Agricultural University of Athens

              Tel: +30 2106503617


PhD Students                                          

Malamatenia-Demetra Manouilidou

MSc 2006, PhD candidate, Chemistry Department, University of Athens

 Tel: +30 2106503617


Antonio Ricardo Lopes Marouvo Gonçalves

 Tel: +30 2106503617

aricardo “at”

Alberto Manfrin

Early-Stage  Researcher in the MC EU project BIOMINTEC, PhD candidate, Institute for Physiological Chemistry Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, De.

alberto.manfrin “at”

Previous Members

Research associates 

James Birtley, PhD. James has been a research associate in the Marie Curie IAPP TOPCRYST  project coordinated by Dr. Emmanuel Saridakis, March 2010-March 2012. He was working in the development of novel crystallization methods based on DPI technology and production and purification of new proteins by molecular biology methods for crystallization and molecular structure determination. Presently, is at the Pathology Department, U. of Massachusetts, U.S.A. jamesbirtley”at”

Linda Piras, PhD. Linda  has been a research associate in the Marie Curie ITN CYCLON project coordinated by Dr. Konstantina Yannakopoulou, March 2011-August 2012. Presently, she is research associate, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Institute of Crystallography, Bari, Italy.

Anastasia Paulidou, PhD. Anastasia was awarded a NCSR Demokritos post doctoral fellowship, 2005-2009. She worked on the X-ray structures of cyclodextrin derivatives and inclusion complexes, as well as application of cyclodextrins in nanotechnology. She has undertaken a teaching position in the TEI of Trikala. a_paulidou”at”

Davide Maffeo, PhD. Davide was supported, 2004-2007, successively by the national projects ARISTEIA & PEP and the European  project TASNANO. He worked  on the synthesis of a variety of cyclodextrin derivatives for nanotechnology applications, as well as of NMR studies of cyclodextrins in aqueous solutions. Presently he works in the private sector.  davide_maffeo”at

Zoi Plyta, PhD. Zoi was supported by the  national project PENED1999  and she worked  on the synthesis of cyclodextrin derivatives. She is presently appointed in the General Chemical State Laboratory of Greece.

Graduate students

Dr. Aliki Rontoyianni, PhD 1994, University of Athens. Aliki was awarded a NCSR Demokritos fellowship after entrance examinations. She worked on  structures of cyclodextrin inclusion complexes by X-ray crystallography. After a postdoctoral position in the group (under a national program, PENED95), she was appointed in high school education, where she teaches chemistry and physics.  aront”at” 

Panayota Stefanidou, MSc 2000University of Athens. Penny was awarded a NCSR Demokritos fellowship after entrance examinations. MSc thesis title: Study of βcyclodextrin complexes by NMR spectroscopy,  Chemistry Department, University of Athens After another MSc degree in chemistry education, she was appointed in high school education.

Dr. Styliani MakedonopoulouPhD 2000University of AthensStella was awarded a NCSR Demokritos fellowship after entrance examinations. She worked on  structures of many cyclodextrin inclusion complexes by X-ray crystallography. After appointments in the private sector, she ipresently appointed in the General Chemical State Laboratory of Greecestella.makedonopoulou”at”  

Dimitrios Zouvelekis, MSc 2001University of Athens. Dimitris was awarded a NCSR Demokritos fellowship after entrance examinations. MSc thesis title: Development of HPLC method for stability determination of acemetacin/βcyclodextrin complex. Study of the complexes by NMR spectroscopyDepartment of Pharmacy, University of Athens.He worked in the collaboration of the group with the above department (PENED1999). Dimitris now works in the pharmaceutical company Petsiavas.

Dr. Kyriaki Eliadou, PhD 2001, University of Athens.  (thesis title: Structural studies of cyclodextrinpseudorotaxanes with linear aliphatic molecules by NMR spectroscopy. Synthesis and characterization of regioselectively substituted cyclodextrins, Chemistry Department, University of Athens). Kiki was awarded aNCSRDemokritos fellowship after entrance examinations. She worked on  synthesis of modified cyclodextrins and  NMR structure of cyclodextrins and their inclusion complexes in aqueous solutions. After a  postdoctoral position in the group (under a national program, ARISTEIA), she has been appointed in high secondary education, where she teaches chemistry and physics.  kiki_eliadou”at”             

Dr. Nikos Pinotsis, PhD 2003, University of Athens. Nikos was awarded a NCSR Demokritos fellowship after entrance examinations. His work involved X-ray crystallographic studies of  complexes of glucogen  phosphorylase b with cyclodextrins and linear sugars and on the structure of the amino terminus titin/telethonin complex, a project that was in collaboration with the group of Matthias Wilmans in EMBL-Hamburg. After post-doctoral appointments in EMBL-Hamburg, De, the Institute of Cancer Research, UK, and a position at the Max F. Perutz Laboratories, U of Vienna, Austria, he is now at Biological Sciences, Birkbeck College, U of Londonn.pinotsis” at”

Dr. Nikolaos Mourtzis, PhD 2006University of Athens. Nikos was awarded a NCSR Demokritos fellowship after entrance examinations. He worked, during his MSc (Studies of cyclodextrin complexes with oligomeric aromatic, end-functionalised molecules,  in solution by NMR spectroscopy, Chemistry Department, University of Athens, 2002and PhD (Synthesis and studies of molecular and supramolecular systems in solution, Chemistry Department, University of Athens) degrees, on  synthesis of modified cyclodextrins with positively charged groups and their applications in cell penetration and gene transfer experiments. After a  postdoctoral position in the group of Professor Nolte in Nijmegen, Netherlands, he is now employed by Merck, Greece. nikosmourtzis”at”

Dr. Petros Giastas, PhD 2007University of Athens.  Petros was awarded a NCSR Demokritos fellowship after entrance examinations. His work, during his MSc and PhD degrees, involved X-ray crystallographic studies of modified cyclodextrins and the structures of a new class of bacterial ferredoxins from P. aeroginosa and E. coli.  Petros is nowworking as a post doctoral associate in the Hellenic Pasteur Institute.    pegias”at”   

Dr. Spyrridon D. Chatziefthymiou, PhD 2008University of Athens.  Spyros was awarded a NCSR Demokritos fellowship after entrance examinations. His work, during his MSc and PhD degrees, involved X-ray crystallographic studies of salicylideneanilines, structures of cyclodextrin inclusion complexes and on myomesin, a project in collaboration with the group of Matthias Wilmans in EMBL-Hamburg.  Now he has a post-doctoral appointments in EMBL-Hamburg, Germany. schatzi”at” 

Katerina Fotiadou, MSc 2009.  ΜSc thesis title: Study of interactions between positively and negatively charged cyclodextrins in polar solutions by NMR spectroscopy and Isothermal titration calorimetry, Chemistry Department, University of Athens).  Katfot82″at”

Dr. Lasse Ε. P. Kyllönen, PhD 2009University of of Birmingham, UK.  Lasse was supported (2005-2007) by the MC RTN Network UNINANOCUPS. Thesis title : Supramolecular Wires Based οn Cyclodextrins: Synthesis οf Surface Active Hosts and Metallo Guests, Host-Guest Binding and Surface Identification οf the Assemblies, School of Chemistry, The University of Birmingham, a  collaboration of the  group with the School of Chemistry of U of BirminghamNow he is a Senior Research Scientist at Kemira Oyj, Helsinki, FI.  

Dr. Maria Lambropoulou, PhD 2009, Agricultural University of Athens. Mariza was supported during her PhD studies(2006-2009) by the national project PENED 2005. Thesis titleSynthesis structural characterisation and properties of specially substituted cyclodextrins. Studies of molecular encapsulation of antimicrobial and other drugs.She works now as a part-time manager assistant in the MC ITN CYCLON project of the laboratory.mlamp”at”

Chrysie Agelidou, PhD 2010University of Athens.  Chrysa was awarded a NCSR Demokritos fellowship after entrance examinations. Her work, during the MSc and PhD degrees, involved nucleotide-cyclodextrin interactions and synthesis of porphyrin-cyclodextrin conjugates and their function. She has been appointed in secondary school education, where she teaches chemistry and physics.