The heart of the infrastructure is an MBE/surface analysis system, complemented by additional growth, processing, electrical characterization and first principles calculations workstation. Analytically, the infrastructure consists of the following systems and equipment.

  • Molecular Beam Epitaxy System of DCA consisting of a vertical chamber, a 3-axis manipulator (1000 °C) a mass spectrometer (residual gas analyser), two high temperature (~2000 °C) effusion cells, an Al cell, two e-gun evaporators for refractory metal evaporation, a remote RF Plasma source for plasma assisted epitaxy/deposition of oxides and nitrides. The main MBE chamber is complemented by reflection high energy electron diffraction (RHEED) for the in-situ, real time monitoring of the grown surfaces.
  • Photoelectron Spectroscopy system of SPECS integrated with the MBE for ARPES and XPS measurements. The system is equipped with a μ-metal chamber for magnetic shielding, a He discharge plasma source for photon excitation at 21.22 eV, and Al and Mg XRay source, 100 mm hemispherical analyser and a 2D CCD detector for the electronic band structure imaging.
  • Surface Scanning Tunneling (STM) system of Omicron integrated with the MBE for the room temperature analysis with atomic resolution of the epitaxial film surfaces.
  • Cold wall 4-inch CVD reactor ANNEALSYS for graphene growth, equipped with graphite susceptor capable of growth up to 1200 °C. The system is fully automated, working in a pressure range 2 10-2 Torr up to atmospheric. The system is also capable for rapid thermal processing with rump up rate 200 °C/sec and fast cooling rate.
  • Micromanipulator electrical set up of JANIS equipped with four prob stage capable of electrical measurements in the range 4K-475K operated with continuous flow LN2 and LHe cryostat. The set up is also equipped with HP picoameter, LCR bridge, Keithley multimeter, TX100 thin film ferroelectric analyzer for transport measurements capacitance-voltage measurements and ferroelectric hysteresis and fatigue/retention measurements.
  • Chemical hood for simple materials and device processing, equipped with spin coater DI water, wet etching capabilities.
  • High performance workstation with 32 cores, and 256 Gb memory for first principles (DFT) calculations of the electronic bandstructure which are correlated with the electronic band structure imaging of our ARPES.


MBE chamber for in-situ characterization of the grown thin films

The MBE chamber is connected to the analytical chamber (XPS/ARPES) and the STM chamber for in-situ characterization of the grown films

Chemical Vapor Deposition CVD system

The Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) system equipped with a 4-inch cold wall chamber

four probe micromanipulator stage

The four probe micromanipulator stage for electrical evaluation of devices in the range 4-475 K