Invited presentations

Since its operation, the Epitaxy and Surface Science (ESSL) lab has 52 invited presentations in International conferences, workshops, summer schools, seminars and colloquia. A list is given below.

  1. IEEE International Symposium on Applications of Ferroelectrics (ISAF), “High remanent polarization ferroelectric Hf1-xZrxO2 on Ge substrates by plasma enhanced atomic oxygen deposition”, C. Zacharaki, Lausanne, Switzerland July 14 – 19, 2019

  2. High-k workshop 2019, “High remanent polarization ferroelectric Hf1-xZrxO2 on Ge substrates by plasma enhanced atomic oxygen deposition”, Dreseden, A. Dimoulas, Germany, 12 June 2019

  3. 233rd ECS Meeting, symposium B06 “2D Layered materials from fundamental science to applications”, Seattle, Washington USA, 13-17 May 2018.

  4. NanoKiss Korean Summer School on Nanoelectronics, 10-14 October 2017: “Materials, Technologies and Devices for Nanoelectronics” . Title: 2D Materials and Devices

  5. COLLOQUIUM, Physics Department, U. of Crete, October 5, 2015: Title: “Non-trivial topological properties of 2D layered materials

  6. EUROMAT 2017, Thessaloniki, 17-22 September 2017. Symposium on Processes & Materials for Nanoelectronics (Symposium C11); Title: “2D materials for nanoelectronics

  7. Flatlands Beyond Graphene, August 29-Sepember 1, 2017; Title: “Molecular Beam Epitaxy of 2D diselenides and ditellurides

  8. 17th European Workshop on Metal-Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (EWMOVPE-17), Grenoble, June 19-21 (2017); Title: “Epitaxial 2D Materials

  9. European Workshop on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (ΕURΟΜΒΕ19), St. Petersburg, Russia, 19-22 March, 2017. Title: “Van der Waals Epitaxy of 2D diselenids and ditellurides

  10. Novel High k Application Workshop 2017, March 9-10, Dresden, Germany, Title: “Ge-stabilized tetragonal phase of ZrO2 with a very high-k value

  11. LabEx MINOS workshop, November 22-23 2016, Grenoble, France Tutorial. Title “2D Materials: an introduction

  12. “2DFUN” workshop, IMEC, October 14, 2016. Title: “MBE of 2D semiconductors and topological semimetals for quantum technologies

  13. Nanotechnology 2016 (NN16), International Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece,4-9 July 2017, Keynote lecture. Title:  “2D Materials for energy efficient nanoelectronics

  14.  Seminar, CEA-LETI, 12 May 2016, Grenoble, France. Title “2D Materials for Power Scaling of Nanoelectronic Devices

  15. Seminar, Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, Washington DC, 4 December 2015

    Title: “Large area MBE growth of 2D metal dichalcogenide materials and v. d. Waals heterostructures on 3D substrates

  16. 28th International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference, Toyama International Conference Center, Toyama, Japan, Nov. 10-13, 2015. Title “Molecular Beam Epitaxy of Large Area Metal Dichalcogenide 2D Semiconductors and van der Waals Heterostructures on A1N(0001)/Si(111) and Sapphire Substrates

  17. Workshop GRAPHEVA-ARISTEIA II, October 26, 2015, Patras, Greece. Title: “Large Area Molecular Beam Epitaxy of 2D Semiconductor van der Waals heterostructures”

  18. IC-MSQUARE conference, workshop on Silicene, Germanene, Stanene, Phosphorene: Novel Elemental 2D Materials, Myconos, Greece. Title: Silicene and Germanene on Ag(111) and AlN/Ag(111) substrates

  19. Israel – Greece Joint Meeting on “Nanotechnology and BioNanoscience’, October, 19-21, 2014 Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel. Title: “2D Materials for Nano-electronics

  20. IMEC Workshop on Beyond CMOS, Leuven, Belgium, 16-17 October 2014. Title: “Large area growth of MX2 materials by MBE”

  21. SEMICON Europa 2014, Grenoble, France, 7-9 October 2014. Title: “Epitaxial MoSe2 semiconductor heterostructures on AlN/Si(111) substrates”

  22. 30th Panhellenic Conference on Solid-State Physics and Materials Science, 21-24 September 2014, Heraklion, Crete Title: “Atomically thin 2D materials for nanoelectronics”

  23. EXMATEC 2014, Delphi, Greece, 18-20 June 2014″. Title: “Two dimensional crystals for nanoelectronics”

  24. EUROSOI 2014, Terragona, Spain, 27-29 January 2014. Title: “2D semiconductor channels for ultimate thickness scaling and other versatile applications”

  25. SISC 2013, Arlington, VA, USA, December 5, 2013. Title: “Growth and characterization of Silicene, Germanene and other 2D layered materials

  26. CSMANTECH 2012, Boston, MA, USA, April 23, 2012. Title: “Germanium and compound semiconductor manufacturing for advanced CMOS

  27. INFOS 2011, Grenoble, France, June 21, 2011, Tutorial. Title: “High mobility channels for advanced CMOS

  28. ECS 218th meeting Las Vegas October 10-14 2010. Title: “Germanium surface and its passivation by rare earth oxides”

  29. WoDiM 2010, Bratislava, Slovakia, June 27-29 2010. Title: “Dielectrics on high mobility substrates for aggressively scaled CMOS

  30. 4th International Workshop on “High-k Dielectrics on High Carrier Mobility Channel Materials, May 25-27, 2010 Hsin-Hsu, Taiwan: Title: “The Ge surface and its passivation by rare earth oxides and selenium

  31. Nanosil Visionary Workshop: High Mobility nMOS Substrates: Strained Si, Ge or III-V?, Glasgow, March 17, 2010. Title: “The DUALLOGIC route to high mobility  n-channel devices

  32. Insulating Films on Semiconductors biennial conference (INFOS 2009), Cambridge, UK, June 2009. Title: “Germanium surface and interfaces

  33. International Conference on Silicon Epitaxy and Heterostructures (ICSI-6), Los Angeles, USA, May 2009. Title: “Ge surfaces and interfaces with high-k oxides

  34. 214th meeting of the Electrochemical Society, Symposium E3 “High-k dielectric constant materials and gate stacks” Honolulu, Hawaii, October 2008. Title: “Gate dielectrics on high mobility semiconductors

  35. International Workshop on Higher-k Dielectrics, Stanford University, August 22, 2008. Title: “Doping of Hf and Zr Oxides:The effect on k-value and dielectric-semiconductor interfaces

  36. Online workshop “New materials, processing and integration”, orginezed by J. Carruthers, Portland State University/Intel for the 2008 update of the ERM section (Emerging Research Materials) of the ITRS roadmap. Title: Dual Channel Logic

  37. Invited Lecturer at International Summer School on Advanced Microelectronics MIGAS ’08, Grenoble, June 28, 2008. Title: “Ge and III-V MOS transistors

  38. E-MRS 2008 Symposium J: “Beyond Si Technology: Materials & Devices for   Post-Si CMOS”, Strasbourg, May 2008. Title: “Germanium MOS Physics & Technology”

  39. Special Session on Electronic Materials in the biennial International Conference on “Diffusion in Solids”-DSL-2007, held in Algarve, Portugal, July 4-6, 2007. Title : “High-k dielectrics for Ge MOS devices

  40. MBE Workshop organized by Professors Minghwei Hong and Raynien Kwo, National Ching Hua University, Taiwan, May 23-25, 2007. Title: “High-k dielectrics on Ge and GaAs substrates by Molecular Beam Deposition

  41. International Workshop on “Advanced Materials & Technologies in Nano & Oxide Electronics” (AMTNOE 2007), New Delhi, Feb. 19-22 (2007), “The role of rare earth oxides in Ge and Si MOS Technology”

  42. 210th Electrochemical Society Meeting, Symosium E3, “Advanced Gate Stack, Source/Drain and Channel Engineering for Si-Based CMOS:  New Materials, Processes and Equipment II”, Cancun, Mexico October 29-November 3, 2006 “Integration Challenges for Ge MOS technologies

  43. European Science Foundation (ESF) Exploratory workshop on “Silicon/oxide Hetero-Epitaxy: A New Road Towards a Si CMOS-Compatible Resonant Tunnel Diode Technology?” Villa Olmo, Como, Italy, September 2006, “Si and Ge overgrowth on Epitaxial Oxides

  44. E-MRS Symposium T “Germanium based semiconductors…from materials to devices” Nice, France 2006 “Materials Challenges for Ge MOS Technology

  45. E-MRS Symposium J: “Synthesis, Processing, and Characterization of Nanoscale Functional Oxide Films”, Nice, France 2006 “Interface engineering for Ge MOS devices

  46. NATO Advanced Research Workshop on “Defects in Advanced High-k Dielectric Nano-Electronic Semiconductor Devices”, Session 6: Interfaces, St Petersburg, Russia, July 11-14, 2005 “Interface and bulk semiconductor defects in high-k/Ge structures

  47. ESF Exploratory workshop on “Rare earth oxide thin films: growth, characterization, and applications” Villa Nobel, Sanremo (IM), Italy, May 11-13, 2005, “Rare earth oxides grown by MBE for ultimate scaling”

  48. 5th International Balkan Workshop on Applied Physics, Konstanza Romania, July 5-7 2004 “Gate Insulators for future Microelectronic Devices

  49. 13th Workshop on Dielectrics in Microelectronics (WODIM 2004), to be held June 28-30th 2004, Cork, Ireland “ΜΒΕ of high-k gate dielectrics for advanced CMOS

  50. Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring meeting in San Francisco, 12-16 April 2004, Symposium D «Physical and electrical characterization of MBE deposited high-k dielectrics»

  51. EUROMAT2003, Laussane 1-5 September 2003. Keynote lecture on «Μolecular Beam Epitaxy of high-k gate dielectrics for advanced CMOS

  52. ESF Exploratory Workshop “Growth, structure and electrical properties of high-k gate dielectrics: atomistic modeling vs experiment”, 17-18 March 2003, Zurich, Switzerland. “Molecular Beam Epitaxy of metal oxide semiconductor structures for advanced CMOS”