Structural & Supramolecular Chemistry Research Group – Funding – National

PEP Attikis

Development of innovative bio-active magnetic nanomaterials for diagnosis and monitoring of pathogenic conditions by magnetic tomography

Regional funding: participation in a collaborative project of three NCSRD Institutes. 2008-2009.


Development of new pharmaceutical forms: molecular encapsulation in modified cyclodextrins for selective control of pathogenic multiresistant bacteria

GSRT funding: in collaboration with the Department of Pharmacy, University of Athens. 1/2/2004 to 30/9/2008. K. Yannakopoulou, PI.


New Synthetic derivatives of cyclodextrins, products of added value

GSRT funding, 29/10/2003 to 29/4/2005. I. M. Mavridis, PI.


Empirikion Foundation

Autoorganised supramolecular materials with electrical and optical properties project:

2004–   I. M. Mavridis, PI.