The materials investigated are primarily molecular materials that can play a functional role in electronic and photonic devices or can enable the efficient micro-nano fabrication of such devices. Materials having structural similarities and comparable or complementary properties with the molecular materials investigated, such as metal oxides and 2-D materials, are also considered. In addition possibilities for applications in areas where related material requirements are encountered, as for instance in photocatalysis, biomaterials and industrial coatings, are investigated with collaborative partners.


  • Research on materials for organic optoelectronic devices of advanced performance.
  • Research on photosensitive polymeric materials, metal oxides and polyoxometalates for micro-nanopatterning processes, drug delivery, catalysis and organic coatings technologies.

Main research activities

  • Interfacial Layers and Nanostructure Issues in Organic Optoelectronic Devices (Organic Photovoltaics and Organic Light Emitting Diodes)
  • Development of nanostructured materials with emphasis on hybrid materials and metal oxides/polyoxometalates (POMs) for applications in organic electronic devices and photocatalysis
  • Porphyrin compounds as charge transfer mediators in organic optoelectronics-Proton Conducting Polymeric Materials as Composite Dielectrics in Sensors and Memory Devices
  • Polymeric Materials for Nanopatterning and Light-Induced Processes Aiming at Applications in Optical Storage, MEMs, bio-MEMs and Drug Delivery
  • Polymeric Materials for Multilayer Coatings of Advanced Performance