The group operates a plasma processing laboratory for vacuum and atmospheric plasma processing, and related surface characterization and process monitoring equipment, as well as infrastructure for process simulation and metrology. Our infrastructure comprises the following main equipment.

A. Plasma Equipment

  1. High density plasma etching with oxygen and fluorine (micromachining etching system MET refurbished by Alcatel – Adixen). Plasma etching systems (micromachining etching systems) by Alcatel – Adixen. The system is used mainly for polymer etching and polymer nanotexturing, and Silicon cryogenic etching (DRIE).
  1. High density plasma etching and deposition with fluorine and fluorocarbon (MET system refurbished by Alcatel – Adixen). The system is used mainly for polymer etching and polymer nanotexturing, and Silicon cryogenic etching. The system is used mainly for Silicon etching (Bosch process) (DRIE) and fluorocarbon polymer deposition.

       Both MET systems are equipped with a high-density helicon antenna plasma source, a magnetically confined diffusion chamber, a loadlock and a liquid Nitrogen cooling system permitting operation from -180 oC to + 60 oC. The systems accept 4inch wafers or smaller pieces up to 2mm thickness carried on a Si wafer. Gases used are SF6, C4F8, O2, Ar, He, H2.

  1. A home-made high-density plasma etching system for micro-nano texturing of polymers with Oxygen plasma. It accepts pieces up to 30cm in size.

  1. Atmospheric plasma modification / etching / deposition systems (DBD type). They operate at 13.56MHz or at a variable frequency 4-500kHz using a high voltage (20kV pp) G2000 plasma generator from High Voltage Products. Applications include surface modification, plasma etching, activated water production, decontamination, surface cleaning, and many more.


B. Surface Characterization equipment

  1. Contact angle and surface energy measurement system by Kruss, DSA30S with tilting stage.

  1. Contact angle measurement system by GBX Digidrop.

  1. Spectroscopic Ellipsometer by Woolam, M-2000 (in situ measurement capability).

  1. UV-NIR spectrophotometer for absorbance and fluorescence measurement, by Thetametrisis with Ocean Optics spectrophotometer.

  1. Reflectance measurement equipment with integrating sphere OR specular reflection accessory by Thetametrisis.

C. Plasma Monitoring Equipment

  1. Plasma Emission UV spectrophotometer by Avantes, AVASPEC-ULS2048CL-EVO-RS-UAs.

  1. Plasma Emission UV spectrophotometer with 3 gratings for higher resolution plasma spectroscopy from.

  1. Current Monitor Probe by ETS LINDGREN Model 94430-1.

  1. High Voltage Probe by NORTH STAR Model PVM-12.

  1. Oscilloscope by Agilent InfiniiVision DSO-X3014A.

D. Computer Cluster for simulation work