The group of superconducting and magnetic oxides of the INN carries out interdisciplinary research in the area of magnetism, superconductivity and materials science.

Our research work is focused on complex oxides, such as high-Tc superconductors, oxypnictides, manganese perovskites, magnetoelectric oxides (strongly correlated transition metal oxides), MgB2, magnetic nanoparticles (for medical applications) and hybrid systems. In the area of superconductors, our research effort is focused in understanding the physics of the phases and phase-transformations which occur in the Abrikosov state of type II superconductors.
Concerning the magnanise perovskites, we try to elucidate the complicated ground states, phases and phase transitions, occurring in the prototype compound La1-xCaxMnO3 ranging from antiferromagnetic to ferromagnetic and from metallic to insulating states. As concerns the magnetic nanoparticles we study both their therapeutic and diagnostic opportunities such as blood purification methods and magnetic resonance imaging.