Funded Projects

A. International

1.“Computer aided molecular design of multifunctional materials with  controlled permeability properties-Multimatdesign”, FP6-NMP-STREP,  2005-2008.

2.“Morphological control of polymer blend nanofilms for organic (opto-) electronics” Joint research and technology programmes, GREEK-POLISH BILATERAL PROGRAM 2006 – 2008.

3. “Effect of Glass Transition on the transport mechanism of micromolecules in polymeric materials “, PLATO GREEK-FRENCH BILATERAL PROGRAM, Project No 889, 2002-2003.

4. “Novel Membrane Materials and Membranes for Separation of Hydrocarbons in Natural and Petroleum Gas” NATO SCIENCE FOR PEACE PROGRAM (Project No 972638), 1999-2003, Total grant to Demokritos: 149200 Euro.

5. “Functional Membranes Network” (Contract No CHRX-CT-93-0219), E.C. HUMAN CAPITAL & MOBILITY PROGRAM 1993-1996.

B. National

1. “Development of Materials and Devices for Industrial, Health, Environmental and Cultural Applications” KRIPIS II (MIS 5002567), funded by Greece and the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union (NSRF 2014-2020) 2017-2020.

2. “Advanced Materials and devices for energy harvesting and management” KRIPIS I, funded by Greece and the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union (NSRF 2007-2014) 2012-2015.

3. “Autonomous and integrated system for in-situ and continuous contaminant gases monitoring in industrial environments- ALEPOU” GSRT NATIONAL PROGRAM, 2012-1015.

4. “Facing pathogenic conditions by combined use of bio-medical methods and nanotechnology” Infrastructure, Measure 4.5, Action «Consortia of research and technological development in sectors of National priorities», 2050-4/2, 2005-2008.

5. “Development of innovative bio-active magnetic nanomaterials for diagnosis and monitoring of pathogenic conditions by magnetic tomography”, PEP Attikis, 2006-2008.

6. “Advanced Functional Materials” (Project No1422/B1/3.3.1/362/2002), EXCELLENCE IN THE RESEARCH INSTITUTES SUPERVISED BY GSRT 2003-2005.

7. “Penetration of Solvents, Swelling Agents and their Mixtures in Polymers used in Microlithography”, DEMOEREVNA (internal Demokritos Grant) 1999-2001 (project No 602).

8. “Design of composite polymeric membranes for the controlled release of bioactive solutes”, DEMOEREVNA (internal Demokritos Grant) 1999-2001 (project No 600).