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Dr. Chrysoula P. Athanasekou is a Chemist (2002, University of Athens) holding an MSc degree in “Energy Management & Environment Protection Systems” (2005, University of Piraeus, Department of Industrial Management & Technology) and a PhD (2012, National Technical University of Athens, School of Chemical Engineering). Since 2003 she works as research personnel for the ‘Materials and Membranes for Environmental Separations Laboratory’ of NCSR "D". Her research interests include the
• development and characterisation of nanoporous photocatalytic membranes followed by morphological and physicochemical characterization
• development of advanced nanomaterials and membranes based on graphene and carbon followed by evaluation of their properties in the liquid but also in the gas phase
• design and implementation of advanced liquid oxidation and separation processes for wastewater treatment and water purification / desalination applications
• design and implementation of advanced gas separation processes for enrichment of industrial gas streams

She is an author of 14 publications in international scientific journals and several conference presentations