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Dafni Kyropoulou is a PhD candidate at Stable Isotope Unit in the National Centre of Scientific Research “Demokritos”. She graduated from Cardiff University with a Master in Science of Conservation in 2009. Her postgraduate dissertation investigated the impact of particulate pollution in historic libraries. Her postgraduate research was awarded a Claire Hampson fund publication grant from ICON. Whilst graduation, Dafni joined Stable Isotope Unit at NCSR where she initiated her doctoral research under the supervision of Dr. Dotsika in cooperation with the Geology Department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her doctoral work examines the application of stable isotopes 13C and18Ο in historic mortars dated from Hellenistic to Byzantine time. The aim of her doctoral research is to investigate the technology and state of preservation of historic mortars. Parallel to her doctoral work, Dafni worked in international and national research programmes and in European funded projects (NSRF) managed by the Greek Ministry of Culture. Her research interests are centred in the application of carbon and oxygen isotopes in cultural heritage material, the examination of museum atmosphere and the link of culture with financial development. Her research has been published in scientific journals, international and national conferences.