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Dr Evangelos Gogolides has a Diploma in Chemical Engineering summa cum laude from the National Technical University of Athens-Greece (1985), a MSc (1987) and a PhD in Chemical Engineering (1990) both from MIT-USA. His thesis work was on plasma processing and plasma process simulation. He did post doctoral research on microlithography with Michael Hatzakis at NCSR “Demokritos” (1991-1993). He was elected assistant professor of research at IMEL Demokritos in 1994, associate professor of research in 1998, and full professor (research director) in 2004. Dr Gogolides is an author of more than 210 publications and 10 patents, and coordinator of several research projects on Nanofabrication, Plasma Nanotechnology, and Nano(bio)technology.
His current research interests include micro and nano fabrication for Life Sciences, and Plasma Nanotechnology for improving bioanalytics and surface properties of materials. He was conference program-chair for Micro and Nano Engineering Conference MNE-1997, program and steering committee member of MNE, conference chair for the 34th MNE 2008, conference chair for iPlasmaNano 2016 conference, and member of the Technical Chamber of Greece. Dr Gogolides is editor in chief of Microelectronic Engineering (MEE), co-editor of the 30 year anniversary special issue of MEE Micro and Nanofabrication Breakthroughs for Electronics, MEMS and Life Sciences, and member of the Young Investigator Award committee of MEE.
In 2013 the Plasma Nanotechnology group co-directed by Dr Gogolides and Dr Tserepi received the 2nd award in the Innovation Contest of the Hellenic Federation of Industries (SEV) and Eurobank. Dr Gogolides is a co-founder of two spin-off companies: Nanoplasmas pc and Nanometrisis pc
Research Interests
• Plasma Nanoscience, Plasma Nanotechnology for “Smart” surfaces and devices
(plasma nanoassembly, and nanotexturing of polymers for wetting, biomolecule, cell attachment, and optical property control. Plasma etching, modification, plasma simulation (in Collaboration with Dr George Kokkoris), plasma-surface interactions, surface engineering )

• Micro and Nano Fabrication for Chemistry and Life Sciences
(Incormporation of nanostructured surfaces in micro(nano)fluidics, bio-M(N)EMS and Lab-on-a-Chip for wetting control, antifouling, biomolecule and cell attachment. Microfluidics for cell capturing, and food safety. Microarrays, in collaboration with Dr A. Tserepi, Dr S. Kakabakos, and Dr P. Petrou )

• Micro and Nano Lithography, nanometrology, and simulation
(Lithographic processing, Line Edge, and contact Edge roughness, surface roughness characterization in collaboration with Dr V. Constantoudis)

For details of research activities see
Institute Programme Plasma Enabled Nanofabrication
And projects PlasmaNanoFactory , Desiredrop, LOVE FOOD

Track Record in bullets
• 8 patents (each one includes Greek patent, European, USA and other country patents)
• 235 journal publications including 5 review papers, and 3 special issue editing
• 260 Conference presentations and publications in international conference proceedings, including 15 invited talks
• More than 40 presentations in Greek Conferences/proceedings since 2003, including 4 invited / best presentations)
• Total Citations during the period 1/1996-4/2015: 3146 (h index 28, Source Scopus)
• Total citations excluding all self-citations in the same period: 2334 (h index 24, Source Scopus).
• Total investment in equipment in the period 1999-2015: 700.000 Euro
• Total maintenance cost of the above equipment covered by the researcher 1999-2015: 700.000 Euro
• Total Research Income: 7 MEuro
• Total PhD thesis supervised / co-supervised: 17, Total MSc thesis supervised: 20
• Total of undergraduate thesis supervised: 15, Total of post-graduate schools organized: 5
• Co-founder 2 spin-off companies