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Iliadis Eustathios is graduated of the Department of History and Archaeology from the University of Ioannina with direction in Archaeology and graduated of the Master di II livello entitled 'Mediazione Culturale nei Musei: aspetti didattici, sperimentali, valutativi' the Centro di Didattica Museale - Università degli Studi Roma Tre with supervisor instructor Prof.ssa Emma Nardi. He is PhD candidate in Department of Geology in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki since 2012. His doctoral dissertation, concerning the study of cultural heritage materials under isotope geochemistry methods, is under the supervision of Dr. Dotsika Elissavet, Director of Material and Environmental Isotope Geochemistry Project, in INN NCSR "Demokritos". Part of his work has been published in international journals and conferences.