Research Interests : Organic Synthesis; Natural Products Chemistry; Bioorganic Chemistry

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Research Interests
Organic Synthesis; Natural Products Chemistry; Bioorganic Chemistry
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Dr. Pitsinos obtained his B.Sc. in chemistry from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) in 1988. Upon graduation he worked as research assistant for one year in the group of Prof. M. Papadopoulos at the University of Crete and then he joined the group of Prof. K. C. Nicolaou at the University of California, San Diego / The Scripps Research Institute (San Diego, USA) to pursue his PhD on the total synthesis of the enediyne antibiotic Calicheamicin and the synthesis / biological evaluation of related analogues. He was also involved in the synthesis of water-soluble derivatives of the anticancer agent Paclitaxel (Taxol™). After a two-year service in the Greek Army, he was actively involved, as a post-doctoral fellow in the group of Prof. E. A. Couladouros, in setting up a new activity on “Synthetic Organic & Bioorganic Chemistry” in the Institute of Physical Chemistry, NCSR “Demokritos” (Greece). In 1997, he joined as Marie Curie Fellow the group of Prof. J.-M. Lehn at the University of Strasbourg (France) where he pursued the preparation of supramolecular assemblies through hydrogen bonding. In 1999, he returned as Researcher C level to NCSR “Demokritos”. He pursued the synthesis and study of several natural products (Bastadins, Scyphostatin, Oxazines, Laurenditerpenol) and established a network of national and international collaborations (e.g., Prof. E. A. Couladouros, Prof. S. Haroutounian, Agricultural University of Athens; Prof. E. Fattorusso, Universita degli Studi di Napoli ‘Federico II’; Prof. A. Giannis, University of Leipzig; Prof. E.-I. Negishi, Purdue University; Prof. K. C. Nicolaou, W. M. Rice University).
He is currently Research Director, responsible for the “Natural Products Synthesis & Bioorganic Chemistry” laboratory at the Institute of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, NCSR “Demokritos”. He has co-authored fourty three (43) peer reviewed research articles in international journals (H-index = 20) and is inventor or co-inventor in seven patents.
Representative Publications
1. “Total synthesis of (+)-Scyphostatin featuring an enantioselective and highly efficient route to the side-chain via Zr-catalyzed asymmetric carboalumination of alkenes (ZACA)”
E. N. Pitsinos, N. Athinaios, Z. Xu, G. Wang, E.-I. Negishi,
Chemical Communications (2010), 46, 2200–2202.
2. “Diaryl ether formation in the synthesis of natural products”
E. N. Pitsinos, V. P. Vidali, E. A. Couladouros,
European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2011), 1207–1222.
3. “Enantioselective total synthesis of (–)-laurenditerpenol”
E. N. Pitsinos, N. Athinaios, V. P. Vidali,
Organic Letters (2012), 14, 4666–4669.
4. “A fast entry to furanoditerpenoid-based Hedgehog signaling inhibitors: Identifying essential structural features”
M. Chatzopoulou, A. Antoniou, E. N. Pitsinos, M. Bantzi, S. D. Koulocheri, S. A. Haroutounian, A. G. Giannis,
Organic Letters (2014), 16, 3344−3347.
5. “Identification of Gli-mediated transcription inhibitors through synthesis and evaluation of taepeenin D analogues”
A. Antoniou, M. Chatzopoulou, M. Bantzi, C. M. Athanassopoulos, A. G. Giannis, E. N. Pitsinos,
MedChemComm (2016), 7, 2328−2331.
6. “Total synthesis and full structural assignment of Namenamicin”
K. C. Nicolaou, R. Li, Z. Lu, E. N. Pitsinos, L. B. Alemany,
Journal of the American Chemical Society (2018), 140, 8091−8095.