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Dr. Ioannis Michaloudis is a visual artist, academic & researcher internationally acknowledged as one of the leaders in Art&Science and the first ever creator and investigator on the application of the NASA’s nanomaterial silica aerogel in Visual Arts, Design and Architecture. Ioannis started his career in Paris as a researcher at Sorbonne University where he had presented his thesis in 1998 on the elastic relationships between Visual Arts & Design. In 2001, after receiving the Fulbright Award for Greek Artists, Yani moved to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the States. He has more than twenty years of teaching experience in Europe, USA Australia and the Persian Gulf. He has twelve solo international exhibitions, had been invited in more than twenty international Art&Science exhibitions and conferences and had published papers, chapters and books with Spinger and Elsevier.
In June 2018 he has been appointed as a Research Associate at Demokritos’ INN.

• Nanotechnology as an inside-out modelling process
• Silica aerogel nanomaterial as a sculptural medium
• Interactivity between Art & Science
• Etymology as an inspiration tool
• Mythology & methodology of symbols
• Immateriality in Space Art
• Art in Climate Crisis