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B.S. in Electrical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens, Greece,
1978. M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Clemson University, Clemson, SC, 1984. Ph.D in
Electrical Engineering on semiconductor device physics, University of Florida, Gainesville,
FL, August 1987.
 Visiting Assistant Professor in electrical engineering at the University of Florida from
August 1987 to May 1989.
 Research Associate at the Microelectronics Inst. NCSR "Demokritos" from June 1989-June
1995. Working on simulation, design fabrication and characterization of silicon radiation
detectors and optical biosensors.
 Director of Research at the Microelectronics Inst. NCSR "Demokritos" since February
2000, and Senior Researcher from June 1995 to February 2000. His research interests
include optical biosensors, monolithic silicon optocouplers for biosensing, solar cells and
radiation detectors. The biosensors developed detect blood markers and food pathogens. Dr.
Misiakos is the author or co-author of 88 publications in refereed international journals, 53
communications in international conferences, three book chapters and holds three
international patents on biosensors. He coordinated three European projects : EU-BRITE
III Project “BOEMIS” (1997-2000), EU-IST Project “BIOMIC” (2001-2004) and the EUIST
project “NEMOSLAB” (2006-2009), all in biosensors.