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Theodore Steriotis was born in Athens, Greece (1966). He holds a bachelor and a PhD degree in Chemistry (Division of Physical Chemistry, Chemistry Department, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens). His research interests lie in the field of porous materials, membranes (Inorganic – Polymeric) and nanocomposites for environmental, energy and health applications. In more detail he has long experience in the synthesis and mainly characterization of the materials above with sorption, diffusion, permeability/selectivity, (neutron & x-ray) scattering techniques as well as their combination. In terms of applications he is working in gas separations and storage (with specific interest in H2, CH4 and CO2) but also controlled delivery of substances. Beyond experimental techniques, a significant amount of effort has been devoted to molecular modelling approaches.
He has been Head of Scientific Council of the Inst. Physical Chemistry, NCSR “Demokritos” (2007-2012), Greek National Contact Point for FP7 Theme 6 “Environment” (including Climate Change) (2007-2013), Member of the Helmoltz-Zentrum-Berlin (former Hahn-Meitner Institute) Scientific Committee (2007-2014) and expert of the IEA (International Energy Agency) Task 22/32 (2008-today). He has been involved in several National and EU funded R&D projects. He has co-authored more than 110 publications in books and peer reviewed scientific journals. He runs the HYSORB lab, which has been funded as a European infrastructure.