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Provenance and technology of archaeological pottery. It provides information on the origin and choice of the raw materials, procedures for pottery manufacture and the geographical distribution of the final products. The ultimate goal of these investigations is the reconstruction of the exchange networks and the trade routes which existed in the antiquity and provide evidence for contacts among cultural units as well as transfer of ideas.

Mechanical and thermal properties of ceramics. The effect of temper and microstructure on the mechanical and thermal performance of ceramics is studied and explained with the development of appropriate models. Alternative tests with small size sample requirements have been developed and applied on archaeological ceramics.

Weathering of archaeological materials. The effect of burial conditions (acids, pH of soil) on different ceramic types is under investigation, by laboratory simulations. Alterations on microstructure, chemical composition and mechanical properties are studied. The effect of alterations and contaminations during burial, on provenance and dating of pottery is investigated in detail.

Conservation. Study of mechanisms of deterioration and methods of preservation of mortars and stone materials of archaeological and historic buildings. Development of restore materials compatible to the original ones and nanocomposites for the enhancement of the performance of existing building materials.

3 books, 81 papers in refereed journals, 53 papers in refereed conference proceedings, 11 papers in books and collective volumes and 21 papers in non refereed conference proceedings