Research Interests : 1. Archaeometallurgy, 2.Absolute dating, 3. Palaeoenvironment

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Research Interests
1. Archaeometallurgy, 2.Absolute dating, 3. Palaeoenvironment
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Yannis Bassiakos (Y.B.) has studied geology in the University of Athens. He got postgraduate specialisation on archaeomining/archaeometallurgy topics in the University of Heidelberg/Germany and in the “Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik”, as participant of the 10 years-lasted MPI Project ‘TG: Ancient Gold and Silver Production in the Aegean’, and bursar of the Volkswagen Foundation. Among his sounder early achievements in the frame of that project, is the discovery and study (with his colleagues) of the ancient gold-mines on the Aegean island of Siphnos (1981) thus confirming Herodotus ancient report for indigenous gold production there. His PhD work (Geology Dept, U. of Athens) dealt with electron spin/paramagnetic resonance (ESR/EPR)-dating on speleothems, shells and teeth, cave evolution and reconstruction of Upper Quaternary/Holocene landscapes, focused on the speleo-environments of Dyros/Mani area, southern Peloponnese. Since 1986 he entered as Researcher the Programme for Cultural Heritage, Laboratory of Archaeometry, Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos”, working on Archaeometallurgy and ESR/Luminescence-dating projects. In recent years he set up and leaded the Research Group for Paleoenvironmental and Ancient Metals Studies, GP-AMS. Since 2002, Y.B. has successfully supervised eighteen (18) doctorate students, former and current GP-AMS members, while another five (5) PhD candidates, also being supervised by him, are continuing their studies.
Main fields of activities (basic research and applications): a) ancient metals: mining, metallurgical residues, technology, provenance of artefacts and experimental simulations for ancient metals production, b) ESR/EPR chronometry, combined with dose-rate/microdosimetry studies for absolute dating purposes (paramagnetic and luminescence), c) paleoenvironmental studies, underground and maritime: geoarchaeology, geological mapping, neotectonics, active fault dating, sea-level oscillation & sea-land interaction for ancient landscapes reconstruction, and d) characterization of inorganic archaeomaterials, by phase microanalyses, metallography and other analytical techniques.
He has coordinated or contributed at a large number of national-, foreign-, or EU-funded research projects. Since 2009 Y.B. acts as Editor-in-Chief of the archaeometric Journal Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, AASc, (IF 1.97) < > in 2010 he was appointed as Member of the Standing Committee for the International Conference “Archaeometallurgy in Europe”, in 2011 he became Member of the Editorial Board in the Monograph Series < Springer Briefs in Earth Sciences >, while in early 2017 he was invited and acts as Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal AURA, < >.
• Publications: Over 150 in peered Journals and Conference Proceedings (refereed).
• Presentations: Over 250 in International Conferences and Symposia/Workshops (over 90 invited).
• Citations: Over 1,000 in articles published in scientific Journals, International Conference Proceedings, Monographs and in Chapters of source-books.
Having completed 37 years of occupation in “Demokritos”, Y.B. retired formally by the end of 2016. In recent years, nonetheless, he goes on contributing in the same Research Center as Emeritus Researcher, parallelly acting as Coordinator of an HORIZON2020-approved, Marie-Curie- Program of Excellence, (SMR, Project No 743507) that deals with seismic moment recurrence studies, (aiming at earthquakes prediction) implemented by luminescence dating research applications and geoarchaeological approaches.

Indicative Publications:

1. Mastrotheodoros, G.P., Beltsios, K.G., Bassiakos, Y., (2020), On the blue and green pigments of post-Byzantine Greek icons, Archaeometry, DOI 10.1111/arcm.12537

2. Bode, M., Kiderlen, M., Mastrotheodoros, G., Filippaki, E, Bassiakos, Y. (2020), Das Kupfer der griechischen spätgeometrischen Dreifußkessel (ca. 760-700 v.Chr.)-eine Diskussion der chemischen und bleiisotopischen Analysen. In: ‘Metallurgica Anatolica’, Festschrift fuer U. Yalcin’ (Eds. H. Yalcın and O. Stegemeier) ISBN 978-605-7673-32-9, 329-348, Bochum.

3. Bassiakos, Y., Apostolaki, C., Perdikatsis, V., Filippaki, E., Sotiropoulou S. (in press, 2020), Technological observations based on the analyses of metal and steatite finds from the EM I Gournes Cemetery. In: Cournes Pediada, A Minoan Cemetery in Crete (Ed. C. Galanaki), INSTAP Academic Press ISBN 978-1-931534-26-0, Philadelphia.

4. Bassiakos, Y., Nerantzis, N, Papadopoulos S. (2019), Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age metallurgical practices at Limenaria, Thasos: evidence for silver and copper production, Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, AASC-Springer, DOI:org/10.1007/s12520-018-0689-4, Vol.11, 2743-2757.

5. Τheodorakopoulou, K., Bassiakos, Y., Athanassas, K., Schukraft, G., Holzhauer, I., Hecht, S., Mächtle, B., Wagner, G.A. (2018), A geoarchaeological approach for the localization of the prehistoric harbor at Akrotiri, Thera, in: Digital Geoarchaeology, Natural Sciences in Archaeology (Eds C. Siart, M. Forbiger, O. Bubenzer), DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-25316-9_15, ISBN-978-3-319-25314-5, Springer, 237-251, Berlin-Heidelberg.

6. Tsakalos, E., Kazantzaki, M., Lin A., Bassiakos, Y., Filippaki, E., Nishiwaki, T. (2018) Seismic moment and recurrence: Microstructural and mineralogical characterization of rocks in carbonate fault zones and their potential for luminescence and ESR dating, Journal of Structural Geology 117,186-202.

7. Stamatelatos, I. E., Vasilopoulou, T., Filippaki, E., Georgolopoulou, P., Ntalla E., Bassiakos, Y. (2016), Photon activation analysis of large metallurgical slag samples using a 23 MV medical linear accelerator, J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem. 309, 165-171.

8. Bassiakos, Y., Philaniotou O. (2007), Early Copper Production on Kythnos: Archaeological Evidence and Analytical Approaches to the Reconstruction of the Metallurgical Process, in: The Early Bronze Age Aegean, (Eds P.M. Day and R.C. Doonan), Sheffield Studies in Aegean Archaeology 7, 19-56, Oxbow, Oxford.

9. Bassiakos, Y., Doumas C. (1998), The island of Keros and its enigmatic role in the Aegean E.B.A.: a geoarchaeological approach, in: ‘Argyritis Ge’, (Ed. A. Fragiskos), Panepistimiakes Ekdoseis, EMP, 55-64, Athens
10. Pernicka, E., Bassiakos, I. Wagner, G. A. (1982) Goldvorkommen und antiker Bergbau auf der Kykladeninsel Siphnos, Naturwissenschaften 69/1, 39-40.