An Integrated, Multi-scale Modelling Approach for the Simulation of Multiphase Dispersion from Accidental CO2 Pipeline Releases in Realistic Terrain

R. M. Woolley, M. Fairweather, C. J. Wareing, C. Proust, J. Hebrard, D. Jamois, V. D. Narasimhamurthy, I. E. Storvik, T. Skjold, S. A. E. G. Falle, S. Brown, H. Mahgerefteh, S. Martynov, S. E. Gant, D. M. Tsangaris, I. G. Economou, G. C. Boulougouris, N. I. Diamantonis, Int. J. Greenh. Gas Con. (2014) 27, 221-238.