Funded Projects

Title: Study of carrier transport in materials by time-resolved spectroscopy with ultrashort soft X-ray light
Acronym: SMART-X
Leader: Athanasios Dimoulas
Start Date: 01/03/2020
End Date: 29/02/2024
Category: HORIZON 2020 /MSCA-ITN


The EU-funded SMART-X network of researchers from different scientific disciplines are working to train early career scientists to vastly improve the state of X-ray ultrafast spectroscopy. The project will focus on investigating charge carrier dynamics in new materials used in energy supply and storage. The network will recruit 15 early stage researchers to work towards the ambitious goal of developing tabletop X-ray ultrafast spectroscopy in the condensed phase. Training will include a unique combination of projects, secondments, and tailored courses provided by eight world-leading academic institutions, two large scale facilities and two high-tech companies.