The Laboratory of X-ray Crystallography of the INN was set up in the late 60’s with the acquisition of a Philips XRD instrument for studying powder diffraction samples. The first single-crystal diffractometer (Syntex) was acquired in 1979. In the 45 years of its operation, over 3000 single crystal structures have been solved and more than 50000 powder samples have been studied.


Syntex X-ray diffractometer

The Syntex X-ray diffractometer is used for single-crystal measurements (uses a Cu source). Ever since, the infrastructures are constantly upgraded. In 1990 the Siemens D500 X-ray diffractometer, in 1995 the Crystal Logic double-beam diffractometer, in 2006 the Rigaku R-axis SPIDER and recently, in 2014, the SmartLab Rigaku diffactometeres have been installed.

Siemens D500 X-ray diffractometer

Siemens D500 X-ray diffractometer (Bragg-Brentano geometry). Is used for powdered samples and thin films analysis.

Crystal Logic double-beam diffractometer

The Crystal Logic double-beam diffractometer exploits two directions of a Mo source, with two diffractometers mounted at a 180° angle. Thus, two measurements can be carried out with one source.

Rigaku R-axis SPIDER

The Rigaku R-axis SPIDER is a self-contained system. It is equipped with cylindrical Imaging Plate Detector System and a nitrogen cryostream for data collection down to -193 ºC. Liquid nitrogen is generated from the air by a liquefier, and the system is thus completely autonomous.

Rigaku SmartLab Diffractometr

The Rigaku SmartLab Diffractometr with its smart design switches easily between reflection and transmission geometries. Reflection geometry supports Bragg-Brentano focusing beam and parallel beam modes. With this clever design design is used for powder diffraction, reflectivity and SAXS measurements,