Antimicrobial Nano-Functionalization of Peptide-enriched Silk Fibroin matricesto prevent bone infections and to enhance implant osseointegration in orthopaedics and dentistry

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Zili Sideratou






EuroNanoMed III-Joint Transnational Call-2018

Implant-related infections represent a big burden in orthopaedics and dental implantology. Bacterial biofilm formation is one of the leading causes of these infections leading to severe consequences, such as implant loosening. Current antibiotic prophylaxis/therapy is inadequate to prevent the biofilm formation and generates antibiotic resistance. Thus, the development of novel biomimetic antibiotic-enriched matrices has an invaluable potential to achieve both the local delivery of antimicrobial agents and the osseointegration of implanted devices. This project aims at inhibiting the biofilm formation and restoring the damaged bone and periodontal tissues in the case of implant-related infections. To do this, the project will investigate in vitro and in vivo the function and efficacy of antimicrobial nano-functionalized peptide-enriched silk fibroin matrices (ANF-PSF) fabricated and used both as drug delivery and regenerative materials. Peptide-enriched silk fibroin matrices will be nano-functionalized with antibiotics and assessed for drug encapsulation efficiency and release to be tested in animal models of infected fractures, periodontitis and implant-related infections. The local delivery of antibiotics with controlled release profiles and the modification of implant devices with osteoinductive properties represent an innovative and synergistic approach to simultaneously promote bone-implant integration before bacterial adhesion, thus preventing biofilm formation and its severe complications. ANF-PSF could be employed as membranes in infected fractures or periodontitis, or loaded within porous metal devices for joint prostheses and dental implants. At the end of the investigations, this project will validate a novel therapeutic strategy to prevent or treat both bone and periodontal infections. The results of this project will be exploited and disseminated through targeted activities, i.e. events for investors, scientific community and patients.

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