The Committee for Education and Dissemination (CED) of INN is the interface between graduate/post-graduate students, the INN researchers and the NCSRD Education Office. CED organizes and monitors activities related to educational issues, aiming to cultivate the research, technical and soft skills of postgraduate students hosted in the Institute. The Committee is comprised of five members, representative of the five INN research programmes.  The Committee for Education and Dissemination has the following agenda:


INN education activities concern all levels of educational hierarchy, including non-specialized public, whilst they focus on post-Graduate and Undergraduate students.


Students are welcomed to join INN for implementing their academic Internship, their Diploma thesis, as well as their MSc or PhD thesis


INN offers  academic internships  that foster career, personal and academic development of students. In collaboration with Greek Universities, the Internships allows students to integrate academic theory and ‘real world’ practice, engage with INN researchers and post-Graduate students, and gain hands-on experience in a wide range of research topics.

Activities related to Graduate and post-Graduate studies
Activities related to the general public, primary and secondary schools

For more information, please contact the INN Committee for Education (edu[at]inn.demokritos.gr).

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