The group focuses on the development of photovoltaic and optoelectronic devices based on advanced hybrid organic-inorganic semiconductors. We are currently working on two different directions, namely on standard perovskite solar cells (PSCs) and on chalcogenide solar cells. In the case of PSCs we aim at 1. Enhancing the performance (mainly the stability) of standard lead halide perovskite solar cells through ionic and molecular passivation at the bulk and the interfaces 2. Incorporating functional additives as ligands in order to manipulate the octahedral configuration of the perovskite crystal 3. Substituting toxic lead perovskites with tin halide as well as with Sn4+ and zirconium based chalcogenide perovskites (e.g. BaZrS3). On the other hand, a significant part of our research is focused on (mostly) sulfide compounds of various dimensionalities such as Sb2S3 and AgBiS2,. We are trying to synthesize novel compounds- in film, single-crystal or nanocrystal form- by introducing an organic part (e.g. ethylene diammonium cations) into an octahedral matrix such as that of ZrS2 in order to form cubic (or cubic-like) structures with 3D electron dimensionality. We are also working on heterostructures by forming suitable heterojunctions of at the interface of these materials by employing various organic salts ontop (or under) these conventional inorganic compounds. 

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