The group mainly focuses on the design and supramolecular synthesis – via various self-assembly protocols - of cleverly engineered self-assembled molecular networks capable of managing light functions for tuning and tailoring the properties of advanced nanomaterials. More specifically, we are interested in constructing stiff and compact chromophoric arrays in a topologically well–defined way through programmable self-assembly, in an effort to mimic photosynthetic light-harvesting antenna fragments and design the properties of artificial photosystems. Specific attention is given to the formation of host-guest self-assembled multichromophoric scaffolds with remarkable rigidity and ordering. Our findings have shown that such supramolecular structures with fixed separation and orientation between the chromophoric building blocks can constitute the structural basis for maximizing chromophore communication through highly efficient donor - acceptor electronic energy / electron transfer phenomena.

A host-guest cyclic multichromophoric scaffold

More specifically, during the last decade our group has been focused on  (i) supramolecular synthesis of host-guest self-assembled multichromophoric arrays with highly efficient and unidirectional intra-host and guest-to-host energy transfer (ii) Self-organizing highly fluorescent metallosupramolecular cavitands into supramolecular networks via electrostatic interactions with anionic photoactive linkers (iii) Construction of highly fluorescent cyclic multichromophoric arrays composed of orthogonally Arranged Donor - Acceptor building blocks

Moreover, we address also other issues related to   . 

  • Stability, dynamics and photoreactivity of certain guests in nanocavities.
  • Photophysical and photochemical studies in organized supramolecular nanoarchitectures.
  • Metallosupramolecular host nanoarchitectures for harvesting light 
  • Color Tunability in Organic Light Emitting Diodes and Optical Lithography.
  • Excited-state kinetics and thermodynamics of rotational phenomena in suitably tailored organic photosystems for molecular machinery.

Construction of cyclic multichromophoric arrays


Cooperative Self-Assembly of Functional Dyes


Exciton Dynamics in Self-assembled Nanosystems


Aggregation-Induced Emission in the NIR Region

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