INN fully supports the EU and national policies to strengthen innovation and technology transfer for the benefit of the society. INN aspires to become a robust knowledge pillar for Greek enterprises and start-ups, contributing to their competitiveness and productivity, as well as, to the sustainable growth of the national economy through high added-value and knowledge-based products and services. Along this route, INN actively works on the following targets:

  • Engagement and productive interaction with SMEs and Industrial actors within the framework of research projects, as well as provision of specialized services to the private and public sector. A relevant success story is INN participation in Stavros Niarchos Foundation (link: https://www.snf.org/)Industrial Fellowships Program towards the support of doctoral, post-doctoral and adjunct fellows. The 3-4 years projects are co-funded by NCSR “Demokritos”, the Foundation and the industrial partner that the fellow works with.
  • Development of a patent portfolio built on laboratory-based results that could be further exploited through license agreements.
  • Conceptualization and implementation of research achievements through the establishment of spin-off companies.

INN Technology Transfer is supported by the Technology Transfer Office of NCSR “Demokritos” (link), which also operates the Lefkippos Technology Park (link), that houses 4 spin-off companies of INN. This e-learning course on Knowledge Transfer is mainly designed/developed for scientists and researchers from Universities and Research Centers

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