Intermetalic compounds, Hard Magnets, nanoscale materials, Η2 Storage


Dr. Margarit Gjoka is a Physicist specialized in Materials Science, graduate BA (1978), and received his Master Degree in Physics in 1985 in Department of Physics, University of Tirana, Albania. Wας specialized at Paris 6 University in 1985 as scholarship of UNESCO (D.E.A. - Sciences des matériaux), and IMS as Scholarship of Bodosaki foundation in 1994-95. In 1999 he was awarded with PhD degree in Physics at the University of Ioannina for his research study entitled “Structure and magnetic properties of intermetallic compound of R3(FeM)29 type (R= rare earth element, M=transition metal)”.

Margarit Gjoka has been assistant professor and professor at the University of Elbasan, Albania in the interval 1985-1991. Presently, he is with the Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (INN/NCSRD) since 1995, at first as collaborating researcher during 1995-2007 and simultaneously at the Ioannina University during 2000-2001. At 2007-2017 was appointed in place of Technical Scientific Personnel (IDAX) in the IMS (INN). From 2017 to present is Functional Scientific Personnel. His activity is focused on the composition, characterization and study of new hard magnetic and nanostructured materials, high temperature magnets, nanocomposite magnets and their applications in the nanotechnology, hydrogen storage and fuel cell for energy applications. 

He has been Scientific coordinator, or member of Greek team research in many European and national projects (overall participations on European and Greek projects >15). He was principal coordinator in 2 collaboration projects Greece - Romania (2006 – 2008) and "Development of Integrated Advanced Materials and Processes for Efficient Hydrogen Storage" (2012-2014). He has been Administrative responsible and principal researcher for Greek team of European project INAPEM, “International Network on Advanced high energy Permanent Magnets” H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015, (2016-2018). Has been part of Greek team as partner in the project NOVAMAG: Novel Materials by Design for substituting Critical Raw Materials (2016-2019). He has been Partner –of Kripi project (2017-2021) with subtask “Work Package 3: Innovative Magnetic-Superconducting and Multifunctional Materials for Industry-Intermetallic compounds” (2017-2020) 

Has been Member of Local Committee and Publishing Committee of international conference REPM-2008 (Crete) and JEMS-2013. He has been member of Section Topics Board Editors for 'Materials Physics', and reviewer on “ ΙΕΕΕ-Intermag transactions”, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials", “Journal of Alloys and compounds”, "Journal of Phys. D", "Scientific Reports", "Modern Physic Letters", "Mat. Sci. Eng ", Materials, ISRN etc 

His work in large extend involves basic research and technological applications. It includes 107 publications in peer Refereed Journals and Conference Proceedings. The total participation in international conferences is > 80, and over 40 in Greek conferences are either with speeches or posters, as well as in summer schools, researchers' nights and other meetings. 

(In total 107 publications in peer Refereed Journals and Conference Proceedings, 26 other papers in Greek Proceedings, > 80 abstract and presentation at International conferences (Statistics Google Scholar: h-index: 18, (i10-index: 30), Citations: 1252

His scientific activity has these pillars: 

1. Synthesis of new hard magnetic materials and their characterization (crystallographic study as well as the characterization of magnetic properties and microstructure-SEM). His contribution to synthesize new hard magnetic materials includes: 

a) rare earth intermetallic alloys b) hard magnetic materials with low content of rare or without rare earths. 

2. Study of the crystalline structure and magnetic properties of nanoparticles 

3. Study of magnetic proprietaries of soft magnetic materials such as FINEMET nanostructured ribbons and Fe – Cr alloys for applications in the European fusion program 

3. Production and study of hydrides alloys for hydrogen storage. 

4. Applications (bonded magnets, MnBi magnets) and new technologies for the production of sintered magnets (by annealing through microwaves and corresponding traditional way) and hydrogen storage.





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