Superconductivity, Magnetism


Dr. Michael Pissas is Research Director at NCSR-DEMOKRITOS, in Athens. He obtained a PhD degree in the field of Superconductivity (1992), from the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He obtained a Diploma of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering from School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering of NTUA.
After one year of military services (1992-1993), he employed in national, and EU projects as research scientist (1992-1995). 1995 has elected as Researcher Assistant at the former Institute of Materials Science at NCSR Demokritos. In the period (1-7-96 - 31-7-97) was Visiting Researcher at Centre de Recherches sur les Tres Basses Temperatures, CNRS, Grenoble France. 1998 promoted to Senior Researcher and 2004 to Research Director at NCSR-DEMOKRITOS in Athens
His research interests encompass research topics in superconductivity, magnetism and materials science. He is responsible for the activities related with superconductivity, and magnetism in transition metal/rare earth mixed oxides. He is also head of the magnetic and physical properties laboratory equipped with the SQUID magnetometer and the Physical properties measuring system (PPMS). He study important current problems of the solid state and molecular physics. The materials of his interest are transition metal perovskite-based oxides, magnetoelectric materials, ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic oxides, high-Tc superconductors, MgB2, iron pnictides/selinades, lithium based oxides, magnetic nanoparticles, and magnetic inorganic molecules.

His research is focused on understanding high-temperature superconductivity, the mixed valence problem, magneto-resistive materials, metal-insulator transitions the charge ordering phenomenon, electronic phase separation, charge/spin density waves, propagation of the electromagnetic waves in magnetized ferrites and molecular magnetism, and vortex dynamics and vortex matter phase diagram of type II superconductors. I have also worked in the field of non-destructive evaluation (magnetism-based crack detection methods), and the magnetic characterization of industrial magnetic steels and pharmaceutical compounds containing magnetic phases.
Since 2006 lectures one semester graduate course in Classical Electromagnetism in post graduate program: “Physics and Technological Applications”, co-organized by School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences of National Technical University of Athens and the NCSR Demokritos. He has supervised over 6 students for their Diploma dissertation,12 students for MPhil thesis and 4 students for PhD thesis. Dr. M. Pissas has published more than 190 research papers (> 2900,h-factor of: 31). He managed research grants more than 1M€


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