Computational neuroscience, chimera states, networks


Nefeli Tsigkri received her bachelor degree from the Physics Department of the University of Athens (BSc 2012), where she performed a BSc thesis on Solid State Experimental Physics, under the supervision of Prof. Ε. Syskakis. In 2015 she received her MSc degree from the same University. For the needs of her Master’s degree she presented an MSc thesis entitled “Numerical Study and Image Analysis of MRI Images for Modelling of the Neuron Network in the Human Brain” co-supervised by Prof. Ε. Syskakis (Univ. of Athens) and Dr. A. Provata (NCSR “Demokritos”). In 2020 she received a PhD degree from the same university after successfully defending her thesis entitled  “Synchronization phenomena in networks of coupled neuronal oscillators”. Her PhD thesis was co-supervised by Prof. N. Sarlis (Univ. of Athens) and Dr. A. Provata (NCSR “Demokritos”). Since 2012 Nefeli is a research collaborator of the Statistical Mechanics and Dynamical Systems Laboratory INN_GROUP_STATISTICAL_MECHANICS_AND_DYNAMICAL_SYSTEMS and a member of the Complex Systems and Applications (COSA) Network at NCSR “Demokritos”.

Her research interests include Complex Networks, Medical Imaging and Computational Neuroscience.



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