Solar cells, Photocatalysis


Dr. Polycarpos Falaras (>280 papers in international refereed journals, >16.000 citations/scopus), h-index 64/scopus, 7 patents) was born in Karditsa, Greece (1960). Following his basic studies in Physics (grade excellent, 8.86/10) at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), Dr. Falaras joined the Physique des Liquides et Electrochimie Laboratory/CNRS/University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI-France), where he received his DEA in Electrochemistry (1983, Bien) and Ph.D. in Chemistry (1986, Tres Honorable). In 1989 he entered the National Center for Scientific Research ‘Demokritos’ in Athens (Greece), where he is still working as a Research Director, leading a group of 16 people. He has been the Director of the Institute of Physical Chemistry at NCSR Demokritos (2007-2012) and has participated (including coordination) in several EU and National projects. Dr Falaras is Editor of Applied Catalysis B Environmental (Elsevier, I.F. 19.905), member of the Editorial board in seven (7) international journals as well as reviewer in more than 100 international refereed journals. He is teaching Physical Chemistry at the Hellenic Open University, he has supervised the work of 15 post-doctoral and 13 PhD students. For his innovative work in photoinduces processes, Dr Falaras has been awarded by international (Prince Sultan International Prize for Water – PSIPW -Alternative Water Resources Prize), and national (Theodoros Aretaios Award, Academy of Athens) organizations.


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