Mathematical and computational nanometrology and modeling of nanostructure morphology


Dr. Vassilios Constantoudis studied physics at the Department of Physics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where he graduated with a degree of 8.2. He then moved to Athens for postgraduate and doctoral studies at the National Hellenic Research Institute (Institute of Theoretical and Physical Chemistry) with a fellowship from the same Institute on the non-linear chaotic dynamics of magnetic systems. After completing his doctoral research, he served in the military in Tripoli and Lemnos.

He has worked as a postdoctoral fellow at NTUA (NTUA) and NCSR Demokritos (Institute of Microelectronics, IMEL) from 2000 to 2007, participating in many national and European programs as well as teaching postgraduate courses. In 2001-2004 he also worked as a full-time professor of Physics and Physics laboratories at ASETEM-SELETE. In 2017 he was elected Senior Researcher at the Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (INN) of NCSR Demokritos.

His research work focuses mainly on mathematical modelling and computational methods including Machine Learning techniques in nanometrology, nanoelectronics and nanotechnology, while he has been involved in the study of complex systems such as mass transfer to time dependent media and the mathematical description of correlations in natural language. Also, he has supervised many post-graduate and PhD theses of Departments of NTUA, National Kapodistrian University of Athens and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

During the period 2016-2019, he was responsible of the Greek participation in the European program 3DNano: Traceable Nanometrology, while he has participated in several European and National projects. At the SPIE Advanced Lithography: Metrology, Inspection and Process Control conference, his article “Challenges in LER / CDU metrology of DSA structures: placement error and cross- line correlations” was awarded the Diana Nyyssonen Award for Metrology

In addition, he supports the ISO system of the Laboratory of Nanotechnology and Microsystems as a quality management officer and he is currently in charge of INN educational committee and participates in the organization of INN activities for science communication (summer schools, science festivals, researcher nights, school visits, etc.). Also, he coordinates the Complex System and Applications Network (COSA-Net) and he participates in the nanoAI network of NSCR-D researchers aiming to bring together information scientists with nanotechnology researchers and explore collaborations. 

He is an Associate Editor of Elsevier's Microelectronic Engineering, Micro and Nano Engineering journals, Hindawi's Mathematical Problems in Engineering and MDPI’s Metrology journal. 

Finally, he is the co-founder of the spin-off company Nanometrisis p.c. in which he is responsible for product development. He is married with one child.

Below, the research work of V. Constantoudis is shortly presented in numbers:

Publications in peer-reviewed journals / proceedings: 142

Conference Announcements: > 150

References from third party: ~ 1600 (Scopus)

Invited Speeches / Publications: 25

Participation in 16 programs: (14 completed + 3 current)

h-index: 25 (Scopus), 29 (Google Scholar)

Patent: 1

Link to google scholar page: 

Link to Research Gate page: number:





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