provenance and technology of archaeological materials, mechanical and thermal properties of ceramics, weathering of archaeological materials, conservation science, development of restoration nanocomposites


Vassilis Kilikoglou holds a degree on Chemistry, University of Athens and a PhD from the Chemistry Department, University of Ioannina. His research activities include:

  • Study provenance and technology of archaeological materials, aiming to the reconstruction of the exchange networks and the trade routes in antiquity as well as transfer of ideas and knowledge. 
  • Study mechanical and thermal properties of ceramics and more specifically the effect of nonplastics and microstructure on the mechanical and thermal performance of ceramics. Explanation of materials performance with the development of appropriate models. 
  • Weathering of archaeological materials: The effect of burial conditions (acids, pH of soil) on different ceramic types is under investigation, by laboratory simulations. Alterations on microstructure, chemical composition and mechanical properties are studied. The effect of alterations and contaminations during burial, on provenance and dating of pottery is investigated in detail. 
  • Conservation: Study of mechanisms of deterioration and methods of preservation of mortars and stone materials of archaeological and historic buildings. 
  • Development of restoration materials compatible to the original ones and nanocomposites for the enhancement of the performance of existing building materials. 

He has established the research group “Ceramics and Composite Materials” within the Cultural Heritage Program of NCSR Demokritos, has being receiving regular funding from the EU, Greek State and Private Sector for the last 25 years, and has supervised 11 PhD theses.


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