Heat treatments of solids to 1600C, microwave heating, special atmospheres, thermal quenching, auto-explosiveness, auto-ignition, thermal shock, melting temperature, refractoriness and fire-safety

Advanced Ceramics and Composite Materials


George Vekinis





We offer a wide range of heat treatment and sintering services for metals, ceramics, polymers and composites, including but not limited to:

  1. Drying up to 250C and humidity control up to 99% RH at 90C
  2. Chamber sintering furnaces to 1600C in air and 1850C in air for refractoriness
  3. Explosive and combustion synthesis to 1250C in air
  4. Cylindrical furnaces to 1600C in various atmospheres or vacuum
  5. Microwave drying or heating of ceramics and composites, 1800W
  6. Inductive heating of metals, 500W
  7. Plasma heat testing, 2000W
  8. Quenching, tempering, thermal shocks testing etc.
  9. Oxyacetylene flame thermal attack (>3000C)
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