Porosimetry (N2), specific surface area (BET), gas and liquid permeability, Gas chromatography, viscosity, bursting strength, etc.

Advanced Ceramics and Composite Materials


George Vekinis





We are able to offer a range of other analyses, tests and measurements, including:

1) Porosimetry and specific surface area of porous materials using nitrogen adsorption (BET), ISO 9277

2) Gas and liquid permeability of polymer membranes and paper, ISO 15105, ISO 2528, ISO 535

3) Gas chromatography with a TC detector

5) Dynamic and kinematic viscosity of liquids up to 250C, ASTM D7042, ASTM D445, ISO 3104

6) Burst strength of paper, card and other similar materials, ISO 2759

7) Compressive strength of cardboard, vertically and horizontally, ISO 3035, ISO 3037

8) Solvent separation in paints and glues (UN Manual Part III, 32.5.1.)

9) Punch strength for metals sheets, ASTM E643

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