Jeol JSM 7401F FE SEM



Vassilis Vamvakas



JSM 7401F (JEOL)Field Emission SEM (FESEM)

Conventional SEM operation. General forensic investigation in the SEM. Gentle beam option to study non-conductive samples. Materials: metals, ceramics and carbon, plastics, polymers, oxides, semiconductors, composites, nanoparticles, mixed oxides, biological samples

Technical Specifications
Source: Cold field emission electron gun (Tungsten single crystal emitter)
Beam Voltage: 0.1 to 30 kV
Resolution: 1.0nm (15kV), 1.5nm (1kV)
Detectors: Three Electron Detectors + Camera: Upper secondary electron in-lens (SEI), Lower secondary electron (LEI), Retractable backscattered electron detector (RBEI) & IR camera
Stage: Eucentric goniometer stage. Computer controlled 3-axis: X-Y: 70 x 50mm, rotation R:360o and manual handling of Z-axis: 1.5 up to 25mm and tilt from -5oup to +70o
Other Capabilities: Magnification up to ×1.000.000, Vacuumdown to 10-8Pa, Sample Size: From 10mm ×10mm to 10cm ×10cm, wafers with diameter 3 ́ ́or 4 ́ ́, Maximum Sample Height: 10mm

Additional Tools

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