Sample Preparation Laboratory

Radiocarbon Dating: Sample preparation


Dr. Georgios S. Polymeris


Radiocarbon Dating: Sample preparation laboratory

Complete sample preparation laboratory for producing and purifying CO2 samples

Dating of all kinds of organic materials of archaeological and environmental interest, biodegradation detection

Technical Specifications
Consists of:
1) mechanical and chemical pretreatment facilities,
2) de Vries-type continuous combustion systemfor converting the samplesto CO2 with simultaneous removal of all other oxides by reaction with KMnO4,
3) Precipitation equipmentto calcium carbonate in a CaCl2/NH4 solution,
4) Purification systemof the gas samples,
5) Volume calibration system.

Additional facilities:
Collagen test apparatus for bone samples, incubator for collagen solutions, centrifuge, drying ovens.

Other Tools
Wood shredding mill, shell cleaning wheel, gram and milligram balances, sieves, vacuum pumps, optical

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