Setaram C80

Thermal analysis 01


Dr Sergios Papageorgiou


Calorimeter with high precision Calvet detector

Calvet C80 DSC (Setaram)

Isothermal calorimeter, Scanning calorimeter, Reaction calorimeter: mixing vessels allow for the simulation of reaction conditions, liquid/liquid, solid/liquid and even gas phase reactions can be measured, Cp Measurement of liquids, solids and powders, Heats of solutionetc.

Technical Specifications
Temperature range: Ambient to 300 °C
Temperature accuracy: +/-0.1 °C
Temperature precision: +/-0.05 °C
Programmable temperature scanning rate: 0.001 to 2 °C/min
Enthalpy accuracy: +/-1 %
Calorimetric Precision: +/-0.1 %
RMS Noise: 1 μW
Resolution:0.10 μW
Dynamic range: +/-660 mW ; +/-2000 mW

Additional Tools
High pressure cells (up to 100 bar)

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